El Circo Cheapo!

“The only thing cheap is the admission!”-Santa Fe Reporter

Like circus? Like awesome things that are crazy cheap? Then have we got just the thing for you. El Circo Cheapo Cabaret is an amazing circus show like nothing you have ever seen. An ever changing cast of some of the world’s most talented circus performers, as well as other performance artists, ensures no two shows are ever the same…and seat reservation fees are low enough that you can come to every show between now and the end of the year and still have enough money to buy an amazing outfit for the company holiday party!

El Circo Cheapo Cabaret

Shows on the first Staruday of every month at 7 and 10 PM!

Make your seat reservation now by heading here.


PS: The 7 PM is family friendly. The 10 PM is 18+.

“An Adorably Hilarious Success” -Time Out

El Circo Cheapo is the poor man’s Cirque du Soleil, with world class acrobats, jugglers, puppeteers, aerialists, clowns, side show freaks and more. Every month is a different show, and you never quite know what to expect other than a great time with fun people.

The show was designed to give emerging and professional, local and international circus artists a place to try new things out, take risks in a supportive environment and receive hi-quality professional footage of their act for promotional use. During a recession, the arts are often first to get the ax, so this show gives us incentive to keep working on innovative circus and variety arts.


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