El Circo Cheapo 3

Shayna Swanson, Doug Sayers, Douglas Grew, The Three Graduates, Sarah Scanlon, Helena Right and Laura Left, Will Howard and Sarah Blue, Alisa Rosenthal, Chris Delgado and Tess, and Lizzy Gifford. Photos by Josh Hawkins and Mari Provencher.

El Circo Cheapo 2

Son Of El Circo Cheapo

Aislinn Muligan, Shayna Swanson, Elizabeth Gifford, Tom Hill, Pheadra, The Three Graduates, Dharmesh Bhagat, Sarah Scanlon, and  Lolly Extract. Our first sold out shows! Photos by Nils St Cyr.

El Circo Cheapo 1

Our first show featured Elena Brocade, Brian P Dailey, Adam Kuchler, Shayna Swanson, Emily Knoblauch, Laura Lippert and Helena Reynolds, Aerial Storm, and more. Photos by Nils St Cyr and Garth Borovicka.